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Chiropractic Care's Effect on Your Digestive Health

Man with indigestionMarch is National Nutrition Month, and we are going to talk about chiropractic care and digestive health! We can’t even begin to tell you how many people suffer with problems such as acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion or even hiatal hernias.

One particular case that stands out in my mind is a patient who sought care in our office for neck and mid-upper back pain. When I was looking at his medication use, I noticed that he was taking Prevacid and Prilosec for acid reflux and had been doing so for approximately 4 years. He even listed Rolaids under the vitamin section of the intake form (Rolaids are not vitamins, by the way!) Sleeping in a chair or propped up on pillows was a way of life for this man.

Upon examination of his spine I found subluxations, or misalignments in the middle part of his spine putting pressure on the nerves in the thoracic spine at T5, T6 and T7. This is the area where then main nerve supply to the stomach and upper digestive system originates. The x-rays of his thoracic spine also showed that he had a mild-moderate right curvature in his mid-thoracic spine, again in the area where the nerve supply to the stomach is.

This patient started care after his initial examination and the doctor’s report of findings of all the diagnostic tests performed, and within approximately 3 weeks noticed that he didn’t get the bloated sensation after eating and wasn’t refluxing his food after meals. He cut down on his Rolaids use after about 1 month and even consulted with his medical doctor about taking less medication for his symptoms since he was seeing such a great change.

Chiropractic adjustments are intended to remove subluxations or misalignments of the spine putting pressure on nerves, not to treat symptoms. However, oftentimes we see symptoms such as acid reflux and heartburn go away because the body functions better after chiropractic adjustments. If you or someone you know suffers from digestive problems, send them in for an evaluation. We don’t know if we can help them until we perform a thorough consultation, examination that includes chiropractic orthopedic and neurological tests and possibly even x-rays. Call us at 757.467.5258 to arrange an appointment with Kempsville Chiropractic. You can also contact us using our appointment form. Please recommend and share this with friends and family who can benefit from this information.

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