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How to Reach Your Health Goals

Goal SettingWe are halfway through the month of January, so the Doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic want to give you some helpful tips to keep your health goals!

  1. Write it down!
    Daily, Monthly, & Yearly Goals:
    Study after study shows that people who visualize AND write down their goals, are more likely to achieve them. You can be successful if you merely set a goal but you take it to a whole new level when you put pen to paper. When writing your 2014 goals, be sure to include your daily, monthly, and yearly goals. Add specific action steps that you know you’ll need to take in order to achieve these goals.

  2. Take Consistent Action:
    No goal can be achieved without consistent action. For example, if you set a goal to lose 20 pounds this year but make no change in your eating or exercise habits, you will likely not be successful. Be sure to refer to your written goals every day and the action steps you set at the beginning of the year. This will keep you on target and focused!

  3. Good Nutrition:
    Eating properly is key to becoming healthier this new year! Most of your meals should include vegetables, fruit, lean meats, and proteins. Drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of filtered water every day, more if you exercise a lot. Read our article on nutrition.

    Avoid processed foods. Processed foods are made for ease of consumption, not necessarily for the good of your body. They contain many chemicals that can be irritable to the human body and can cause health conditions such as allergies, diabetes, heart diesease, cancer, and other chronic conditions. There are approximately 3,000 chemicals approved by the FDA “fit” for human consumption. It is virtually impossible to consume a processed food without a chemical preservative, flavoring or dye/coloring. We can avoid this mess if we stick to whole food products and make meals ourselves. Be sure to schedule time into your day to prepare meals. Be consistent!!

  4. Consistent Daily Exercise:
    Exercise is extremely important. Our bodies were created to move. Not to be sedentary. Exercise hydrates joints and keeps them healthy, it speeds up your metabolism and produces endorphins, which are natural painkillers from your brain! It helps to reduce stress and will actually increase your energy and productivity levels for the day! There are so many great studies on exercise and the effect it has on our body and our brains! See our article on weight loss and exercise.

  5. Good Attitude & Expectations:
    Remember the words of Zig Ziglar: “Your attitude, not your aptitude will determine your altitude.” Positive expectations are extremely important in achieving goals. Visualize what it is like to be healthier. Will you have better relationships? Can you sleep better, breath better, run or walk extra miles? Will you produce more money at work? How is your quality time with your children? A positive attitude goes a long way! Associating positive emotions to these scenarios will make you successful!

  6. Meditation, Prayer and Rest:
    Taking time to reset your mind is incredibly important for your health. Meditation and rest can help psychologically in reducing stress and anxiety and improving brain function. Those who meditate or pray can have lower blood pressure, less inflammation in their body, increased immune function and better pain response and body function in general. In addition, our bodies are programmed to rejuvenate themselves on a daily basis through sleep. Read our article about the importance of sleep.

Reaching Your Goals

Healthy VegetableGreat! You've established some goals for yourself. Now, how are you going to reach them?

"Turn knowledge into action!" The active ingredient in accomplishing your goal(s) is YOU! The doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic are here to help you, and advise you on the steps you can take to become a healthier you, but the bottom line is you have to act. That is your responsibility.

It is helpful to get support from friends and family. If you want to exercise more consistently—get a workout partner. If you want to eat healthier at home—share your goals with your family, get their support, and do your best to only have healthy food in the house.

Most importantly, never give up. Life happens. You're going to miss a workout, or eat foods that you shouldn't. It is how you respond to setbacks that will determine whether you reach your goals or not. It is your choice. Do you quit? Or do you gather yourself; refocus on the goals you have written down, find new determination, and press on to your goals? Which path will you choose?

Good luck with your goals! Of course one of the most important things you can do for your health is get adjusted and stick with your chiropractic care plan. Make sure to ask your Doctor of Chiropractic questions as they arise in regard to reaching your goals! The doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic are fantastic at adjusting the spine to restore proper nerve function, but they are also a wealth of information! Use them to your advantage!! Here at Kempsville Chiropractic we're pulling for you! Don't hesitate to share your goals with us, ask for our support, or seek our knowledge. Our goal is to help you become a better, healthier you. Call Kempsville Chiropractic at 757.467.5258 and see how we can help.

Share this article with your friends, and have a Happy, Healthy Year!

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