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Tips to Avoid Whiplash

Adjusting Car MirrorWhile it is great to know that our chiropractors at Kempsville Chiropractic are here to help you if you ever get a whiplash injury, I am sure that you would rather avoid all injuries if possible. So, here are some tips to help you avoid whiplash.

  1. Purchase a safer car.
    Modern automobiles have been getting safer year-by-year. New safety designs in vehicles allow newer cars to absorb more of the energy from an impact, protecting drivers and occupants from the majority of the force.

  2. Make sure your headrest is at the proper height.

  3. Make sure your mirrors are properly adjusted.
    All too often drivers do not have their mirrors properly adjusted and because of this never see what is happening behind them.

  4. Use your mirrors.
    It might sound silly to have to remind you about this. However, too many people never even bother to look in their mirrors, or they are busy doing something else like texting. Being aware of what is going on around you can not only help you avoid an accident, it can give you the time to prepare for an accident.

  5. Wear your seatbelts.
    If you plan on surviving an accident while minimizing your risk of whiplash and other injuries, remember to wear your seatbelt.

  6. Brace yourself properly if you cannot avoid the accident.
    If you have the time, do the following.
    • Look straight ahead so your neck is not turned
    • Lean all the way back into your seat, making sure your head is on your headrest
    • Straight-arm your steering wheel with a strong grip as you brace yourself
    • If you are already stopped, put your foot on the brake as hard as you can

  7. Seek treatment immediately.
    If you do end up in an accident, seek treatment with your chiropractor immediately. The longer you wait before seeking treatment the greater the risk of developing a chronic condition.

Please contact Kempsville Chiropractic at 757.467.5258 if you are dealing with any whiplash injuries, or if you have recently been in an accident. Please share these whiplash safety tips with friends and family.

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