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Vitamin D Tanning Tips

Vitamin D is often called the "sun vitamin" because the best source of Vitamin D3 is from the sun. As chiropractors, we want to make sure that when you are out in the sun getting your Vitamin D that you tan safely. You want to avoid damaging your skin and getting a sunburn.

Tips for Getting Vitamin D3 by Tanning

    Tanning on the beach
  1. Do not use sunscreen while trying to obtain Vitamin D through sun exposure. Sunscreen blocks the necessary UVB rays needed to produce Vitamin D.

  2. Obtaining Vitamin D need direct sunlight exposure. Car glass blocks the important UV rays as does the window glass in many office buildings.

  3. It is important not to get sunburn. As soon as your skin starts to turn a little pink, it is time to stop. For most people, 15-20 minutes is plenty of time when large amounts of skin are exposed to the sun.

  4. For darker skin types, additional sun exposure is needed to get the necessary amount of
    Vitamin D.

  5. The best time of day to get Vitamin D from the sun is during the middle of the day. When the sun is lower in the sky, most of the needed UVB rays reflect off the earth's atmosphere.

  6. Protect the more fragile skin around the eyes and on the face with a safe sun block.

If you are experiencing any of the problems or symptoms we have mentioned in this article, and are wondering if low levels of Vitamin D may be contributing to your health issues, contact the doctors at Kempsville Chiropractic, 757.467.5258, for a consultation. Please share these tips with friends and family who love spending time in the sun.

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